Derrick Pedranti — Senior User Interface Designer @ Ingram Micro

Derrick Pedranti attended the University of Southern California, where he studied Business Administration and earned his Bachelor of Science in 1993. Since completing his education, Derrick Pedranti commenced a career in web and interactive design that currently spans 16 years. Derrick Pedranti took on his first professional position with Fit & Healthy Lifestyles, Inc. As Creative Designer, Derrick Pedranti developed and maintained the company's corporate website. In addition, Derrick Pedranti helped to develop marketing and advertising material, including product packaging, brochures, and tradeshow booth artwork.

In 1999, Derrick Pedranti founded C2 Design Studio, where he led numerous high-profile projects for a variety of clients. In particular, Derrick Pedranti focused on creating websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Flash animation, ActionScript, and various custom functionalities.

In addition to his experience with Fit & Healthy Lifestyles, Inc. and C2 Design Studio, Derrick Pedranti worked with OptionWealth, Inc., 24 Hour Company, and Spectrum Pharmaceuticals. Today, Derrick Pedranti serves as Senior User Interface Designer at Ingram Macro, Inc. Operating out of the company's headquarters in Santa Ana, California, Derrick Pedranti develops Web 2.0 campaigns for the company as well as its external clients. In addition to his expertise in interactive design, Derrick Pedranti is experienced in graphic design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and streaming video production.

Derrick Pedranti also received training in Interactive/New Media Design and Development at George Washington University.

Derrick enjoys golf, road trips in his favorite car and spending time with family. A recreational hiker, he appreciates taking care of the beautiful environment we all live in.

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